Which do you mean? The 'karateing' as a cause for the homer simpson xray?

I think everyone knows they aren't perfect, but they are the best matches I could find....Thats why I worded it as "likely caused". Also, I tried to make a wide variety of strikes/trama, so there would be less controversy. for instance, you wouldn't match a strike to the kneecap to an xray showing a forearm. have a go at it...and have fun.
[edit] oh and this quiz, although just for fun, has a stamp of approval from an MA M.D.

What i'm saying is that at this point, it's all speculative. We have no reason to believe that X technique causes Y injury besides some anecdotal stories.

It's similiar in principle to a "connect the dim mak point to probable time of death for opponent" type chart. Obviously, dim-mak is much harder to believe, but I hope you can see that i'm just making an analogy.

Maybe you missed the part where he said most likely. Wait, that's already been covered...so what's your issue again? That it's still all speculative?

Well since we're going there, I suppose that during the elbow dislocation technique that a combination of air pressure, chi flow, and radio waves could conceivably cause a finger break, but doesn't an elbow dislocation seem more probable? Maybe that's just the rest of us...



(jabber silently opens door and slips out).

Dude, I feel the same way. Congrats to Budokan and Razor!

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