Last night we worked on armbar from mount, with a few variations. We started off with the standard armbar from mount. Emphasis on staying low to the opponent's body, and "sitting into" his arm, so he can't pull it free.

We then were showed a variation where the guy is pushing up with one or both hands, in an attempt to throw you off. As he pushes, you simply lean/fall away to one side or the other, using your chest to trap one of his arms across his body as you, fall. Quickly bring up your knee (same side as the arm you have trapped) under his shoulder to prevent him from rolling into you. Take the "high" arm (nearest to his head, furthest from his hips), and place it in front of his face (again, to keep him from escaping). Take your other arm and life up underneath the opponent's (opposite arm from the one you have trapped) tricep. Post your weight on the arm in front of his face, as you start to swing your leg across his head. Pinch your knees tight, and sit back for the armbar.

We did at least one other variation, but I can't remember for the life of me what it was.

Next was the "elbow escape" from mount. This starts by using your hips to "bridge" the opponent up. Before he can come back down on you, you quickly turn to your side. Immediately take both hand and push against the leg your facing. Slide his leg back, and bring your knee forward and under his leg. Post your knee against his body and push your away from him. Repeat same procedure on the other side to get full guard or butterfly guard or whatever.

We also worked on a "double hooking sweep" from butterfly guard. Sitting close to the opponent, you underhook one side, and trap the opposite side arm. Fall sideways to the side of the opponent's trapped arm, and then use your hook to throw his leg over as he falls. Sit thorugh to get a scarf-hold side position, or mount. Aesopian demostrates it near the end of this video lesson here:

Did fairly well in the mount-escape drills. Used the "diagonal stabilization" mount to effectively hold the opponent from escaping.....until I tried to go for a sub. First time he threw me off, but the second time I was able to get an armbar. Successfully used the "elbow escape" to get out of the mount when it my my turn on bottom. Escaped 4-5 times each one minute round.

Got caught in side-control/arm triangle in free-rolling, exactly like the last time with that same guy. Lasted a bit longer, but he still ended up getting me.

His side-control was very tight. I did do a nice reversal on him, only to have him IMMEDIATELY reverse me right back into side-control. Bleh. Maybe next time.
"In case you ever wondered what it's like to be knocked out, it's like waking up from a nightmare only to discover it wasn't a dream." -Forrest Griffin