I know, it's a pretty obscure phenomenon to be discussing in a zen forum, but I can't think of a better place for it.

In this case, I'm not actually having the same dream, per se. What I am experiencing is actually a recurring theme. Three times in the last four days (that I can remember), I have had dreams where I found myself responsible for the lives of a small group of children. In each dream, there is some sort of invasion going on and I find myself in the midst of it, trying to get these kids to safety.

Usually the situation was desperate and I believe that I failed to protect them in two or all of the dreams, but I can't remember the end very well. In every case I've found myself resorting to violence at the end, but it's always too little too late to save the children from the soldiers who are invariably storming our safehouse.

In the end I always wake up emotionally drained and consequently very tired for the remainder of the day. I can still remember all three dreams with a great deal of clarity, which suggests to me that they were very vivid.

Anyone care to psychoanalyze me based on this? Personally, I believe that dreams can tell us a lot about the inner workings of our minds. But then, that's always up for debate. I'm trying to puzzle out a meaning, but hey, there's always a chance that I'm jumping at shadows.

One other question, has anyone else ever experienced something like this?
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