Hi everyone. i do TKD at my dojang from monday to saturday for an hour each day and am trying to practice more at home. but i have a problem being that there is nowhere at home to practice at. i used to practice my poom-se(forms) from 12:00-4:00 out on this street that people use as a parking lot in my naighborhood but it was out in the sun where there was no shade and i burn fairly easy. people would tell me to use sunblock but that doesnt keep me from getting sunburn (it only helps) and i got worried about skin cancer or something else like that and stopped. besides people were parking their cars outside and there was less and less space. plus, people kept staring at me while i practiced because it looked strange to them and im not supposed to be using the street for that stuff anyway. i dont have any other place to practice and would like to be able to practice at home. i do have this rotting deck in the back of my house that i was going to have fixed up and turned into an area to practice at, but in the long run it turned out to be WAAYYY too costly and i cant possibly make the money to do this plan. does anybody have any advice for this? i would like to find a way to keep practicing at home. thanks in advance for any help you all can give me,
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