Here's a little story about a recent ER patient.

I walk into the ER the other night and my first patient has a nice head and face laceration. The nurse has the history, I'm ready to suture.

Me: So what happened Mr X?
X: Doc, we was sitting out on the porch ya know smokin and drinkin. My boy starts saying some $h!t to this cat that rolls up on bike. One thing leads to another and this cat jumps off the bike like Jet Li and Kung Fu'd my a$$.

Me: Kung Fu'd your a$$ ?(trying not to laugh)
X: yeah Kung Fu'd my a$$ and I ain't even said nothing to him. I'm gonna smoke that MF'r!!

Me: How about you learn some Kung Fu and Kung Fu his a$$?
X: Where I'm gonna learn that?

I proceded to write him a prescription and put the Green Dragon society website on it

All night long we were walking around trying to make MA's into verbs. Some worked better than others.

I karate'd his a$$
I Muy Thaid his a$$(one of my favorites)
I jiu-jitsu'd his a$$
I capoeira'd his a$$ (doesn't really work)

Feel free to add your own.

Or Ignore this thread completely. I was overtired then and thought it was funny. I'm overtired now telling you about it.

I will probably read this tomorrow and realize that I have lost IQ points, and have actually made you dumber for bearing with me

Medical Advisor for the Somolian National Sumo Team