oh. sorry man. i guess its a little harder than i thought. well. what abou the university MA club idea? maybe instead of practicing MAs you can spend this time physically conditioning yourself for when you DO practice MAs and can be trying to get better grades so that you have more options for college. i know that if my brothers school(the university of florida) has a lot of MA clubs, its rival school(florida state) should also have a lot of MAs being as FSU competes with UF in everything. i know they have a cuong nhu club. maybe you should go onto google and look at the websites of different colleges and see what MAs clubs that they have to offer. id suggest moving out of you area. it sounds like they dont give a whole of options in terms of martial arts practice there. maybe theres something else you could think of... but im sure that eventually youll get into the MAs though... just give it time, and thought. until then try to physically condition yourself to with exersize. if anyone else has any ideas feel free to post them. good luck with your search for a good school man. ill think about if theres anymore advice or help i can give you. and by the way, no, i dont think youre a lazy bum. just keep trying. and seriously try to look into the college idea. im sure if you search around you might find a place you like. and if you leave and go to another place, you wont have to do what your dad says so much and might find a good enough job to help pay for classes since youll be away from your dad and wont have to help out with his business. i know what its like to be in this position. when i got into the martial arts i would ask my parents so much to help me and theyd say they really wanted to put me in a class but they didnt have the money. luckily , my dad got promoted a few ranks and became a seargent first class and started making more money. itll get better eventually you just have to find a way. thats all.
Good luck man!
"The pessimist knows the price of everything and the value of nothing" -Warrel Dane