JoelM is right yorik, find a qualified instructor somewhere. i remember a post of yours from a while back when you were asking advice with your problems finding a school that you could afford and there was some really good advice that you were given. im wandering why you havent seemed to follow any of it? For example: oldman suggested that you learn wrestling or boxing at your school saying "how does your dad feel about you being an "athlete" instead of a martial artist. another person recomended the YMCA. they provide training for cheaper price. someone else recomended that you clean up the dojang in exchange for training. that sounds reasonable. Another person asked if there was a university or college in your area because there are many martial arts clubs in a university. (especially if there arent many other MA studios around)and they usually offer training to non students. at my brothers university they have all kinds of MA clubs (cuong nhu, kendo, tkd, 3 different karate clubs and maybe more) i live near the university of south florida and theres an aikido club that i think offers free training there. i know you dont live near these universities in particular but they are good examples of how that might be something to look into. So there are plenty of good ideas to help you with this: wrestling or boxing at school, the YMCA, college clubs, and making a deal with the head of the dojo. if you tell your problem to the head of the dojang (whatever dojang there might be for you to go to), im sure he'll help you with a problem and strike a deal or something. why havent you tried any of this? it seems as if your problem hasnt changed yet and as if you havent tried any of these. if you really try and express your problems to head or member of a dojang somewhere, im sure one of them will try to help. why dont you pay one of those dojos a visit?
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