Greetings, I am Dai SiHing Charles Abraham of the Winnipeg Plum Blossum Choy Li Fut Centre. I am very pleased to hear of your interest in our Art. I will share with you some of the knowledge of our System based on my humble experiences in the Art and some of the history imparted on me by my SiFu ( TaiSiFu Niel McRitchie). I hope this not only helps you to better understand Choy Li Fut, but allows a way for you to experience something tuely wonderous, something that is yours to be had if you would so wish it!
Our Gung Fu Father, Master Chen Hueng divised his 'system' of Martial Arts based on his experiences in gung fu. He used these techniques to his victory. And after MUCH contemplation, and even MORE practice he grave life to the Art we would come to Know as Choy Li Fut. From his Uncle Master Chan Yen Woo we recieved our open hand techniques and palm strikes. Stick Hand and inate sensitivity and reaction skills. Palm techniques with "inch power" and "soft power" finger tip strikes. Angular and short footwork on attack and defense. Buddha Palm techniques such as Gong jeung and Chaan Jeung. Famour for the Buddha Palm form.
From Master Lee Yau San we recived our techniques like gwa,kup, jong, Jin Choy. He emphisized techniques that draw power from deep rooted stances, with lightning fast and powerful hand strikes. Counter-offensive primarily, and evasive skills on defense.Specialized in clinging and covering defensive skills.Ferocious attacks, with penetration and determination. Famous for the Lohan Fook Fo and Chong Kuen (long fist) forms.
And Monk Choy Fook, From here we get our Northern Feet! His training emphisized short, medium and long range techniques, with nimble foot work and Dynamic kick from the Northern Shaolin. Emphisizedstance penetration, a blend of soft/hard techniques, and relaxation during delivery of technique. Compound attack and defense and syncopation of limbs. Taught Chan meditation and hit medicine. Famous for Sup But Lohan internal exercises.

Choy Li Fut therefore has a VAST arsenal, made to match the practitioner's dynamic and complex nature.And yes friend we most definately incorperate Chin na (seizing or bone breaking techniques), aka Grappling. With ground techniques as well as stand up grapple's. Choy Li Fut Also offers internal sets and has a WIDE range conditioning drill and weapon forms. It doesn't fall victem to the 'jack-of-all-trades master of NONE' syndrome that you speak of , nor does it suffer from the OVER SPECIALIZATION of many of the style's I have seen and experienced. Choy Li Fut can be started at 6 or 60. It can be practiced throughout your whole life. Choy Li Fut reduces stress and fatigue while promoting vibrant health and wholeness of Mind and Body. It a great means from which to seek not only perfection in combat, but perfection of 'being'! It achieves this by offering up a SYSTEM from which to learn from rather than a STYLE . If you so wish to experience Choy Li Fut, I would gladdly and honorably offer my service's as a guild into the kwoon, into the World of Choy Li Fut! Until you've seen the awsome beauty of the Plum Flower and smelt from it's pettle's words no matter how eligant or scholorly will only fall shy.

My E-Mail address is, please allow me to anwser any of your other question's about our Art, and once again let me invite you to come and experience Choy Li Fut for yourself.

Thank you all for your time, I humbly submit my response .

Powered by Choy Li Fut, Dai SiHing Chuck.