If your perception of military CQC has been at all influenced by Metal Gear solid 3 and/or the film 'The Hunted' with tommy Lee Jones, and you like the idea of the sneaky lock/punch/counter/disarm all up close and personal stuff contained within these sources; look into filipino Martial arts (kali, arnis, silat) as that is the root of the inspiration behind the concepts on the screen.
Quite frankly thats how I got into kali/escrima and its just like the movies- except I'm rubbish and would be killed in the first scene

kali/escrima is amazing i have been doing it for about 4-5 months now so im not exactly good, but i am getting there, i have orderd myself some sticks so i can practice in the garden... and scare the nabours i am taught by a guy called paul hes is amazing and he is married to a philipino girl, unfortunatly because she does not have anational insurance number she cant live over here just yet, and she can only vitet here for a few months at a time, so every few months i love my teacher which is anoying, but i get to train with him twice a week, how long have you been doing this art?

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