a few years back My family and I were visiting Grandma and Grandpa in suburban Chicago. Around many of the corporate ponds and public parks in recent years there has been an increase in the population of Canadian Geese. If the winters are mild enough they move no further south. For the most part the humans and the geese get along fine with the exception of mating and nesting when they get a bit territorial ( The geese that is). There are more and more run ins with humans these days. I was walking with my kids at a public park with a small lake. It had been overrun with geese. If you have ever seen how big a goose's dropping are you can imagine it can get quite messy. As we walk around the lake on the narrow paths occaisionally the larger birds would get territorial and spread their wings at us, waddle forward at us and let out a big HIISSSSSSSS to drive us away. So, we would move away if we could. At one point as I was holding my daughters hand a big male charged us. When I realised that he was not going to stop I positioned myself between the goose and my daughter,(and the I) threw a roundhouse kick that caught the goose flush on the side of the head. He dropped, then got up and made a sound like "heayoongk?". Then he turned and walked back to the ponds edge like a drunken sailor. My son said "He should have ducked".

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