I saw this thread ended up on Harlans favorites. So I thought I would give an update.
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The manuscript is done for the most part. When I say manuscript I should add that with small exceptions there is no text. The book will count on illustration, the language of line to convey the information.

There always seems to be something I want to change or add to it. One of these days I will just have to send it on. A Judo teacher/author friend, Steve Scott has been kind enough to share some of his experience with me.

He has both self published and more recently been published by turtle press. I met with the printer of his first few books today. I found out coincidently today that the company also prints the books for Black Belt magazine's publishers. I believe I will be using them for my project.

I am learning alot through the process and hope to get moving on the printing soon. I have not talked about it much because I feel it would become a conflict as a member/mod here.

I have been in contact with F.A. about advertising and hope to work those issues out soon as well.

I have decided to layout the book as a workbook/manual. Each set of illustations will have opposite of it a ruled page for readers to make notes of their own. It will be spiral bound so it can be laid out flat. I am going to use it as a training aid this evening with my guys.

I have to get my distribution ducks in a row regarding payments and shipping so when it is printed I will be good to go.

So, the adventure continues.

In the not to distant future we will have an answer to the question,

Will people purchase a book without text, on an obscure east asian topic, by a cartoonist in Kansas.

The next time you hear about it will hopefully be when it is avertised on the site.