You should not worry about your proficiency in the rules of the English language. These rules can be learned. What cannot be learned or taught or duplicated is VOICE -- you have oodles of Voice. BTW I think you have decent content as well!

I can answer your “why” question.
Unlike mountain climbing, great things are created because they are not there! If the idea bugs you enough, you will do this project despite whatever good reasons there are not to.

The real hard part is getting your book published and placed in Borders bookstore.

Specialty publishers, Self-publishing, Web publishing, New York Publishers will be more confusing than any bunki. (See writers.net for a good source of info)

Sure you could self publish but I think you would be selling yourself and lots of potential readers short. (You did say Borders)

I keep expecting to see your stuff in MA magazines.

Have you published your MA comics any ware other then here? If you were looking to impress an agent or publisher and at the same time create buzz for the book you should.