To an oldman, from another old man...

Creating the cartoon characters in itself may be the answer to your question. The ideas and the characters spring from your mind. They are your creations, and like all artists, your create because it is your nature to do so.

In my culture, not to live your vision, is to live death. Everyone in their life has an epiphany where their true meaning in life is reveiled to them, whether they chose to live it is their choice. The world is either richer or poorer for their decision.

As the elders in our cultures, we also have an obligation to pass on what wisdom we have aquired in our lives to the younger generations, your medium for this is your art.

I would humbly submit that you search your heart to discover the true meaning of your art. Is it only for you, or is it ment to be shared with others regardless of the financial gain..or lack thereof?

Neither I nor anyone else here can answer your question my friend, only your can.

I happen to think the world would be richer for sharing your art.

"If you're gonna be stupid, you better be tough."