Oldman - I understand your quandry. I have written continuously in martial art mags for well over 20 years in the UK, have worked on joint books and have a developed a training system that 2 publishers want to publish and make dvd's of BUT... I feel that whatever I publish about my system will make it smaller, I teach all over europe and everyone wants a book and dvd. All the younger guys are out there on the 'seminar circuit' with a book and dvd and I don't want to be a part of that either. I feel that 'keys' or 'pinciples' can be written on an A4 sheet of paper - it's the personal instruction and discovery that really counts and I've passed that on over 35 years to a handful of students and therefore done my job. I feel that a book and dvd's will make it less and therefore be doing a disservice.

A book of Oldman cartoons and humour would be great.
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