Oldman, as I would tell you no differently publicly than privately here goes. Since you already have some insight into getting published and no illussions about getting rich if you are successful what's left?

Like you, I have a bookcase full of MA books. They range greatly in both content and quality. Some are techniqcal, some are philosophical - some a bit of both. I have read everyone. Several did not live up to the promise conveyed on the bookcover and were disappointing.

Of all that seemed to interest me enough to make it to my bookcase, only a few are reserved for the "top shelf". These are dog eared, highlighted and read many times over. They are treasures. The final leg of my martial arts journey is to put them all in a box and lug them down to the basement or give them all to someone who seems deserving of such a great gift.

You asked us all "why" should you go through the trouble? There is my answer. Not one of the authors of the books in my bookcase (not just those on the top shelf) could possibly have imagined how much they might have influenced my training, my own humble understanding of the martial arts or my life - one way or another.

If you believe that you, in your own way , can offer an insight or shine a light on someone's else's path to help them find their way - just do it. The truth is, is that when that happens you will never know it. However, like me and my dog eared treasures, they will be profoundly grateful for your efforts.