Do it, Oldman. Do it for me. I have a small collection of technically oreinted articles that I envisioned submitting to Black Belt magazine, but for one reason or another they manage to stay just this side of complete.

So if I am doomed to stay in the twilight of half-acheived dreams, at least you can follow through.

Cord also has a very good point in that the "graphic novel" is a well accepted form nowadays, so you need not aim it towards children unless you are so inclined. (This from a long time comic book reader who remembers when "Michael" killed almost all the Avengers! )

I think it would be great, and don't worry about people not using their imaginations. Many won't anyway. Some people will find a spark in the things you might show. I am one of them. Hell, the whole concept of different applications for kata moves is alien to my AKK sensibilities.

So right there the book could be beneficial to some - no matter what you show.

Go it. You have several guaranteed sales, anyway!
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