I think that with a bunkai book out there done with cartoons it will appeal to the younger generations more. If a student at the local McDojo sees this book and asks their instructor, "Why don't we practice bunkai, like in here?" and then the instructor says "we don't do that," the kid may have second thoughts about staying at their McDojo and seeking out a real school that teaches these things.

Since Dr. Jung has told me that I can either take the role of the shadow or find a new job, I am forced to remind everyone that:

It is entirely possible...

...for a school to do bunkai...

...and still teach...


Hedgehogey, if you can somehow prove to me, in private (ie. not on the forum) how the rest of your post was even remotely relevant to the discussion, then I may let you re-post it.
Otherwise, stay on topic.

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