Oldman, you like a project (hoodat, bunk-ai etc) and i think this book idea is itching the back of your brain, you mentioned it in the bunk-ai thread, and now have started a thread on it.
I think you may be asking 'why?', but I say 'why not?'.
Dont know if you are familiar with the graphic novels in 'The Sandman' series by Neil Gaiman, but in the world of Dreams there is a library full of the unwritten books left unrealised by everyone.This always struck me as sad. I think if you have the ability (which you do) and the inclination(?), it could be a great source of joy and satisfaction. Also, as you point out, financial factors are not a concern so you dont have to work to a deadline, little and often. What was your point about saving a dollar a day?(sticky bun financial advice) 1 page a day and in 3 years you got a nice big hardback.
Don't let the door hit ya' where the good lord split ya'