I've just gotten back from Borders where I treated myself to a browse and a pricey cup of coffee, and I have a question for you or may be a series of questions. I find that often just the act of writing or talking things out helps me come to a better understanding of what I'm thinking. I'm a self described ponderer. So much so that just thinking about doing something can be as satisfying as actually doing it.
As there are 24 hours in everyones day we have to decide how to spend our time. Work, play, eat, sleep, relate, serve, we all decide how we will divide up our days and what we would like to accomplish. So here's my question.

I have had a few people urge me to consider writing a book. The whole idea to me sounds a bit, well, crazy. The only way I got through English in school was by getting extra credit points by adding illustrations to any report to distract my teachers from my grammatical errors and lack of content.
My wife has been published and I have seen first hand what goes in to even a small book. People say to her "It must be really fun to be a writer". My wife says to me later " They must have never written anything". I can see it would be a difficult task. I have illustrated books but never wourds and text together. It would be a challenge and could be kind of a cool project similar to the appilcation and bunkai threads I have shared with you. I also have a cd collection of all the martial arts cartoons. The cartoons are easy. A bunkai collection would be like climbing Everest. I mean people do it but why,"because it's there?" So I guess the question would be "Why". I don't really need any additional income which would most likley be modest anyway. I've got more than enough headaches and things to do to keep myself busy. So, help a brother out...."Why".

One the other hand it could be cool to see someone at Borders sitting at a table enjoying a latte a their brand new copy of "The Boobishi" by Oldman.