Why do kung fu artists have such a bad rep when it comes to competition.
I ve had to defend my style numerous times from peoploe that say it is innefective, because there is no proof that it works, because we dont enter tournaments, because our techniques are too deadly.
The problem is, is that they are right!
Our reputation in competitions, and i am talking about fighting not forms, is appauling.
Ok, we cannot use jabs to the eyes and throat strikes, but there are a lot of techniques that could be used, and kung fu practitioners can learn howe to fight with rules and be good!
Maybe its because the chinese philosophy which is intertwined with the arts, says that we should not use our kung fu to fight and that we do not need to prove ourselves.
I agree, in a street fight, i dont care, i ll walk away and let the other person think that i am a pussy.
But surely there are benefits to fighting with other styles.
And fighting properly.
It would show the weakness in kung fu and help us improve it, it show the weakness in their respective art also, and help them improve it. There are a lot of benefits to competitions so why dont we enter, and why do we not train in a more realistic way.
For example my school has introduced full contact sparring and even though you are only allowed to use a fraction of the techniques availiable, my kung fu has improved immensly.
Forms will help your fighting,
Fighting will also help your forms!
I would like to hear people's opinions on this, and i am not trying to bash anyones methods, just trying to improve my kung fu.