Hummm, my first high school fight wasn’t in High School at all, it was in Jr. High I hope it counts. I was at recess, recess? Well I guess it was grade school then, anyway, some kid was doing something he wasn’t suppose to do and I was a tattle and told the teacher on him. He wasn’t in my class but I saw him in line while we waited to go to the library and he pushed me and said he was going to be waiting after school for me to kick my butt. Well a teacher heard this and confronted the young lad and told him that mischief would not be tolerated. My teacher was informed of the situation and he kept me after school a bit just to make sure he was on his way home before me. My younger brother was going to the same school and he and I walked home together so nothing would happen. Well the kid was waiting for me and he jumped me while I was on the way home. It was kind of funny because I was not afraid of him and it seemed that everything was in slow motion. He started swing at me and I took him down to the ground, hay, I am a ground fighter, LOL, anyway I punched him a couple of times and we were pulled apart by someone’s dad. I turned out that this kid was the school bully and word got out that I kicked his butt and I was never bothered again by anybody. Funny, huh?