Oh wow oldman i didn't know you went to high school with Mike Tyson

in regards to Sanchin31's post wow high school guys were tougher back then...I guess with the whole Columbine deal kids are afraid of messing with the wrong "outcast". I remember i had just started taking TKD in high school. You know i was feeling pretty arrogant and unstoppable(how dumb now that i think about it) but nonetheless still with a sound mind. Some guys in P.E. class approached me when i was getting a drink of water and wanted me to fight this little pug faced guy. I was sure i could beat his ass... and i'm still kinda sure now... he really was small.. However not wanting to gain any enemies or get in trouble i just walked away saying no thanks. Later on in the year i was playing dodgeball against a wall with some friends and that same group came up again and grabbed the ball and began trying to hit me with it( i was on the wall) however due to my aweosome dodging skills(does anyone smell VTG? ) i managed to not get hit. Anyway yeah after that they never really confronted me, but later from time to time tried to get me to flinch and other whatnot and it became a nuisance rather than a threat. I think one of them dropped out because they had impregnated some girl and the rest are either working in fast food places or maybe leading in some other types of illegal activity.
Your BJJ skills are no match for my Shim Bun Do skilllzz!! *Swats at groundfighter*