I am a teen in highschool and I am attempting to teach myself some general Shaolin Kung-Fu techniques. I do understand this will be very difficult because I am trying to self teach an art that has been perfected for centuries before my time, but seeing as I am broke and people in Tennessee do not feel the obligation to teach for free I have no other choice. I have just started trying to correct myself on the art of 30 punches. Just messing around I notised that I find it extreamly hard to strike with my hand in Dragon Palm. Is it because it is not made for strikeing or that I am doing it wrong? I do understand you would have to see me to correct me, but I was wondering if there were any general things that I might be doing wrong.

I am also using the hardening technique Iron Fist (I am also aware that this will take many years and cannot be done overnight.) Does anyone have any suggestions for the next level up after I have been punching rice for about a month?

I don't mean to sound like I think I know what I am talking about because of the few things I do know, I know I don't. I was just not trying to come across as a kid that wanted to get strong in a week and beat someone up. I am actually doing this to get a better sence of concentration, coordination and peace.