"Thickness has nothing to do with it. Tea is steeps from leaves. Coffee is steeped from ground roasted beans. Coffee happens to have a LOT more caffiene than tea, and this is fact."

Thickness does have something to do with it, that is why people feel dehydrated after drinking it, sweating and other weezy feeling symptoms depending on other factors such as having diabetes.


"Coffee is NOT , I repeat NOT a narcotic. Morphine is a narcotic. Codiene is a narcotic. HEROIN is a narcotic. Caffiene is, as you stated, a central nervous system stimulant, containing both beta and alpha adrenergic properties. I know what I'm talking about. You do not. This is also fact"

What I really meant is that it is "like" a narcotic because it can be addictive and it is addictive which most narcotics and chemicals found in certain foods are.

One last thing, it is a proven fact that tea can variably have much more caffiene than coffee depending on how the coffee is served and how its measured, for example, dry tea can have significantly more caffeine then your average cup of coffee, which also depends on how long the tea leaves have fermented. But when your talking on average per serving on ounce, you do have coffee on top. Here is one observed fact that stupifies your comments.

Coffee: 5 oz cup----Per Ounce= 16 can have 40-170 mg
Tea: One Tea bag-Per Ounce= 05 can have 25-110 mg

Put two tea bags in and you have twice the amount of caffeine than black coffee.

I can understand why you say otherwise, the heat can get to you and delude your mind.


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