Hi all! I like the advice you all have given ket for his goals. Perhaps I can milk you guys for myself.
I'm 31 and currently work as a Q.A tech.I've done factory work all of my adult life :eek: Mostly computerizd numerical control machine operations. I joined the National guard when I was 24 and enjoy it very much. The problem is the place I work at now is moving everything to China sometime in the next few months. I feel I need to go back to school if I want to start a career in law enforcement. I've had courses before but nothing pertaining to that field.(CNC I+II,autocad,smartcam,etc,)and I do not have a degree. The guard will pay %100 tuition for school so cost won't be the problem,but what should I study? Someone told me spanish. What other steps should I take to get involved with law enforcement?
Thanks for reading and I appreciate your advice and responses!