IMHO, I suppose there are several lessons that you might draw from this. One is that wrist locks, which can be very effective, have there place. It is not that a lock, once applied will not be effective, is learning when you can do it effectively. There is a quantom leap from becoming proficient in the mechanics of technique practiced in the dojo and applying it successfully in the street.

For what it's worth, you should also go back and read your post to begin with. Does it seem like "wrestling" with a 240 lbd football player would allow you to effectively employ a range of aikido techniques? You could certainly find yourself in a real brawl with a big football player some day right? I doubt that in that situation he would willingly offer you his wrist in order for you to apply a wrist lock either.

No offense, but the techniques did not fail you, you have failed to see when they are to be proplerly used. I takes time to get this stuff.