The "dirty" comes from non-conventional tactics. It's not the honorable techniques one may be used to in most MA forms. Many of these methods are from bouncers etc... There is what looks cool in the dojo, and what works in a real life bar fight. Sometimes they are the same, and sometimes they are not. Deception, redirection, eye gouges, hair pulling, scouring the face and head, biting, etc... Stuff you would never use in the dojo....at least I hope not..

Military tactics are of the non-Krav variety as the title of the thread suggests. Some of what I learned in the military would probably never find it's way into a dojo...

Not only are they not used in the dojo they are not used in KM either. Both styles can only indicate biting and gouging. What makes it useful then if you can't train for it? These dirty techniques aren't fight enders anyway, they only create openings to do more damage or escape the situation.

Hence my title about other methods you have added to your skill sets IN ADDITION to Krav. It could have been TKD or any other form.

As to the dirty skills..you can practice them to a degree, but not in the dojo. I would add that many of these "dirty" methods are taught in ladies self defense courses nationwide. But that is a debate topic for another thread..
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