I don't own it but from experience- always buy a sword from somewhere you can inspect it first or from someone you REALLY trust. I have quite a large collection of swords... and my main suggestion is with leather handles to check to see how tightly bound it is. the tightest it is, the better off it is.. if it moves even the slightest bit in your hand, don't buy it.

I understand that, but the closest for me is in stockholm, which means I can take a boat to denmark, jump on a plane to england, check it out there, fly back take the boat home and be hom ein about the same time and the same travel expense
sadly I don't have the money for a trip just to check it out

not to mentioned the insurance on the car came this month too, 420 euro

bte, u don't have photos of your swords ? would love to see them
(send me a site msg then, don't post here)

thx for the reply thou
the only one being punished for posting more than one post in 60 minutes