As a general question, I am interested in how everyone is dividing their training time.

For example, I started training 6 months ago and just passed my first sash test. Being 40, there are a bewildering number of things I need to work on.I have trained with weights all my life which has been an easy thing to focus on. Do you want to get bigger, stronger or both. Beginning Martial arts, I discovered that I really wasn't in shape, flexible or even well coordinated.

I currently go to class 3 x week fr 1 1/2 hours. In the mornings and off-days I am trying to find a good mix so I can keep progressing. Maybe I am over analyzing this but Kung Fu training consists of:
Endurance training
Balance exercises
Basic kicking and punching techiques (speed and strength)
New techniques learned in class
2 step and 3 step sparring
Self-defense techiniques.
Specialty techniques ( Wrist strengthening, finger strengthening, eagle claw, Chin Na)

So how do you all spend your practice time?
10-15 minutes on a couple of things?
Working on the weakest link?

I know everyone is different but it would be cool to get some new ideas.