This is a responce to the wrist locks don't work for-real most bouncers/doorman or Policemen would disagree. Now this is not an attempt to break or fight the guy or guys. But I can't tell you the guys I've detained dragging them around on their tip toes in a wrist lock either to effect an arrest or to control and escourt them outside.

These are guys in full fighting rage, now admittely this is after a stunning strike then sweep and then wrist lock to get them to comply but wrist locks do work. And I've seen them break grown mens wrist and tear the shoulder muscle.

They don't seem to work like they do in the dojo, because the average JQ public don't know how to roll. They usually go up on their tip toes to try to escape or crumble to the ground.

So pending what you are trying to do they work in controlling an angry antagomnist but they don't work in that the guy doesn't do the 10 feet in the air heels touch the ceiling like a good ukemi. So you are right if someone expect that.