I think I am fortunate. I hapen to train at a TKD Dojang that focus's on both Olympic and traditional. Sure it is called a WTF sschool for sake of competition.

My master holds an 8th degree in TKD (not Olympic as he was 8th degree before Olympics) and 5th in HKD. As well as a certified trainer of Tai Chi.

Jujitsu is a different style of MA altogether. You can't match Indy Car against Nascar and have a fair race. The TKD practitioners you fight must not know the difference between comp and fighting.

No offense or not to knock your skills, but any "well-trained" TKD practitioner knows when and where to use certain styles of kicks. If they do jumping and spinning kicks in a MMA style of fight, well they deserve to lose.

BUT, I assure you, you get in a ring with one who knows the difference and you will see a completely different type of fighter. I have been accused of "not using TKD" in our own little "fight clubs." The only formal training I have had was TKD WTF and yet I know and understand how to fight a grappler. I may not be good enough to win a grapple match, but I know enough to make the grappler WORK for it.