Ive been training under a Ju_jitsu Sensei for almost 6 years now, and Recently ive been attending some small underground competetions of course unsanctioned by any major organization just lots of martial arts enthusiasts.... anyway, these seems to be a surplus of TKD guys there. All the fights are put into experience category 1-2 yrs 3-4.. etc Ive fought 27 TKD guys, never lost once, im not that good of a fighter, I mean im not a noob but theres always more to learn and I see my own flaws, but TKD fighters, the art itself seems to be inpractical , 7 foot kicks in the air dont really effect me much as I rush in for a slam or a sweep, which they have little to no defense against, not to offend any TKD people but whats the deal