Interesting. I never knew about him and Jhoon Rhee. He was exceptional TKD artist, one that bruce respected highly. I'll have to look into that more. Its hard to say who would have won between the two. Given more options to work with Id have to give the edge to Bruce although Ali had powerful fists and used them well. What a match that could have been.

Wouldn't even have been close. Comparing BL with Ali is almost an insult to Ali. The man competed over decades in the heavyweight boxing division when there were good boxers around. He met all comers and beat them.

And you're comparing a 5' nothing guy who appeared in films and whose skills were not pressure tested against top fighters.

As I said. There's no comparison.

A insult to Ali, I think not. If anything it should be considered a compliment. Im sure he would have been honored to have a match with Bruce, or vice versa. Dont dismiss Bruces ability to generate power just because of his size. He did many studies with UCLA to prove the scientific effectiveness of his technique in regards to power and speed.

Also never pressure tested against skilled fighters? What about Jhoon Rhee, or Chuck Norris or Joe Lewis? Dan Inosant was a skilled MA before training with Bruce as well. What about his teacher, Yip Man? Or the famous Wong Jack Man confrontation? Surely any one of those men could be considered men of skill.
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