At the risk of breaching rank...I only mention this because I truely care.

I'm wondering with each of the senior members that have 20+ years of experience in Karate contributing in the forum, why there is only one Sensei that publishes articles either on this site, another site or printed media?

Forum enties in postings are as volitile as scratch paper; as evidenced by the recent software upgrade..poof...gone. all of your informative and insightful posts that would have kept enthusiasts busy for years to come. (I was still working on material you guys posted in 2001! gone. alot of posts that remain are unintelligibly fragmented.) online articles are better protected from this kind of the are more easily searched.

Doctors, professionals and even Grad students are required to publish in periodicals every so often is for good reason. I can't tell you how many times I referred to some obscure reference in a periodical when trying to find info on something else when I was in College. Published articles add to the chain of research and knowledge bridging. Articles don't need to be all technical with references and footnotes...they can be experience knowledge, well founded gut feelings, educated judgement calls, training stories/lessons, you name it. And before someone else uses the term 'mental-mast...' well you've heard that 'tossed' around. lol It's macho bull-crap. and whatever they have learned runs the risk of either dying with them or getting watered down.

The likes of McCarthy,Bishop, and others (Chris Caile) publishing great and valuable research in our field, we owe them much thanks. But what about the bits and pieces that fill between the masters they are writing about? Those missing pieces are you...unknown and not heard.

Promotion of the Art = sharing knowledge.

Thanks for reading.
-Student member #40733