A friend of mine at work has a son who will be turning 13 soon.
She asked a number of men she respects to write something for him. She wanted it to be a life lesson from our expeirience. It was a neat idea. I'll share what I wrote. Feel free to add your own advice to the young folks on the site. Here goes.

Work hard. In the long run it's easier than being lazy.
Wealth. Understand how much you need and what real wealth is.
Weather the storms. They come and go.
Win. Compete. Get in the game. It is good for mind and body.
Weep. It is a path to compassion.
Wash well. Hygiene is a good thing.
Wear a seatbelt.
Wear a helmet.
Wait, till you are married. If you choose not to…
Wear a condom.
Walk away. A fight that doesn’t happen is a fight you win
Work it out. If you are wrong admit it. If you are right no one needs to know
With others, build supportive relationships.
Welcome people. (It feels good when people do it for you doesn't it.)
Water. Drink a lot.
Wine. When you are of legal age, drink some.
Watch a river. Relax, take your time.
Wed. If you find "the girl" get married. It can increase your lifespan.
Wonder. Stay curious. Keep your mind active.
Weaknesses. We all have them. Work on yours. Forgive them in others.
Worry. It is a bad habit. Take action instead.
Worship. Choose to worship truth, excellence, God, or all three…

anything but yourself.

It's your turn.