You know what I'd love to see? Moral and legal problems aside, of course:

A match between someone trained in BJJ, MT and western boxing against an opponent trained in Hapkido or Kyokushin only (And I mean the traditional arts, not the sporty variety). Both cream of the crop in their respective fields.

This would take place in a 100'x100' concrete floored arena, designed to resemble a parking lot, complete with cars.

Opponents would start 30' away from each other and would wear street clothes. No gloves.

Absolutely no rules, the objective being to incapacitate or kill your opponent by any means. That means eye gouges are allowed, groin kicks are allowed, joint breaks are allowed, kneck snaps are, strikes to the spine, strikes to the throat, spear hands under the ribs, tiger claw rips to the face, hand strikes to both temples, etc, all allowed.

Yes, that would be a very interesting match...

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