At the end of the day, steroids aren't the mircle drug that people in this thread make them out to be.
You dont like take steroids, then suddenly turn into Ronnie Colemen overnight.

No one said they did.

I know someone that trained with me and was on steriods, and he got less growth then me, because his nuitrition and training wasn't as regeimented as mine.

That happens. I know that happens. But you can hide away the truth all you want.
Steriods in most cases leads to other drug use. In fact it also works the other way around. Drug users using steroids.
Your friend will be increasing the chances of physical mental illness.


I aggree with Cord in the fact that as much as you can say that steriods damage organs within the body, how many of you drink alcohol....fizzy drinks..
Even crossing the road can be dangerous.

Alcohol yep agreed. Fizzy drinks???
Crossing the road has nothing to do with using drugs. That is called fate or chance. Taking drugs is a choice. A bad choice.

It's just down to theat person having a cost-benifit analysis. And if they think using steriods is for them, and they've made a rational choice, then who are we to argue?

Because that would be like saying the same for cocaine.
There is a thing called laws in society. Either a person abides or they dont. If steroids were something such as a natural remedy then no reason to make them illegal?
But they are not. They cause problems. Illegal drug trade and a whole heap of other things.
Controlled drugs fall into this category. There illegal for a reason.

Also jude33....
Next time you bring out a scientific study, try to get an objectional one?
Surely the main goal of a rehab is to advertise how bad a drug is, so that people think 'wow I need rehad'.

Shows exactly the amount of time you have spent around hard drug users. By the looks of it none. Your dreaming.


'wow I need rehad'

Try this statement. A mother might make. My son/daughter needs rehab.
No she/ he doesnt they need a cemetery.

Keep dreaming.