i don't say that because i'm for steroid use, i'm very much against it, but if people are gonna use it, they will use it regardless of where it comes from. I'd much rather people be able to get them from a doctor then take a risk and get them from a dealer on the street. Fact is, when they became illegal, it created a black market and now people cannot be sure of the purity or if they are getting what people say they are. They are also getting them and creating crazy stacks without even knowing the side effects. My reasoning behind my statement is people's safety, NOT that i am pro-steroids, because i'm not pro-steroids. And I'm sure that the side effects would be minimal if a physician directs the user compared to some kid on the street, but that can't happen now. Just with any other drug, or anything else in high demand, if you ban it, it fuels its popularity and creates a black market.

I think people would do what they want to do anyhow regardless of a doctors input. Smokers are a prime example.
Steriod users arent to rational. It isnt just the physical
side. The effect on the mental side is bad. If you associate with such people and they combine steriods with other uses such as cocaine ( they need cocaine or other such drugs while on steriods other wise they go nuts) and GHB( makes them get a deeper sleep amongst other things) then would be worth your while getting your awareness skills, fighting skills and fitness to as high as a level you can.

They pay the piper when they have to come off them for what
ever reason. They are weak as kittens.

People who used them years ago and still train get symptoms like heart attacks strokes and physical degeneration more than normal. They become bloated if they dont still train.

Forget steriod use anybody reading this. Doctors control or not. Pay the piper in the long run.