ok guys here's the real deal

Part of the problem with steroids is the side effects have been over-hyped to such an extent that it has damaged the good cause of warning people of the real side effects and dangers. back in the 70's and 80's the official world was that steroids do not work. It did not take long for everyone to figure out how false that was and the people trying to do good, lost all credibility. By the late 80's early 90's they where the rave and the doctors had proven that they dod not know what they where talking about. So overhyping the negetive effects to keep people away did more damage.

Now the facts, it is a drug and like any drug your body may have an alergic reaction or something and you could drop dead.This is a rare case.

Professional body builders all take em but not year round. They come off it, to get that crap out of their system. The pills you ingest, tend to show higher cases of liver damage after a few years. The injuectables seem to have a less effect on internal organs. Some immidiate side effects are heavy acne, hair loss from the head, hair growth on other parts of the body, bone grow in the hands,feet, face. When you put testosterone in you body, your body will get lazy and cut back on your own production over time, so people who use it do 12 week cycles and stop. As you testostorone levels go up from theadded steroids, so do corrosponding estrogen levels. So when you come off the sh1t you have to come off slowly so you're estrogen levels have time to fall in proportion. If you don't you may end up with male breasts.

Steroids are actualy not the stongest anobalic drug out there. Synthetic Human Growth Hormone is. This is based on the hormon that comes out of the pituatary gland in your brain. This gland is known as the master gland. Currently there is NO Known test for HGH (human growth hormon) so that is what all the olmpic guys are taking and all the drug testing is useless. Only the realy dumb and poor guys now use steroids in the olympics. Testing in bodybuilding does not exist. Even the so called testing in "natural" competition tests are a joke. Regarding the effects of HGH, no one is sure. I know bone growth in the face, hands, feet is a big one. But not much else is know. Most people who take HGH have also taken steroids, so it is hard to issolate the effects of HGH.

Hollywood is another story. Did you guys notice how Orland Bloom gained 20 lbs since his last movie. How about Brad Pitt in Troy. Pitt went from pencil neck to greek god and then back to pencil neck. Those hollywood actors are paid millions and so are the doctors that inject them. It is not likly any thing would happen to an actor because of the close supervision they are under.

But here's the kicker, you have to come off steroids sooner or later and when you do, all your gains are gone. That is a pretty big fall. The mental fall is even bigger then the physical one, becasue you thought you where "the Terminator"

As far as I can see, it is one thing for hollywood to pay you a few million to "juice up" for a few weeks... and it may also be something to consider if Niki or Rebolk will give you a few million to wear their sneakers at the olymipics. I can understand the reason in those cases. What is totaly stupid is to take steroids so you can look cool in the clubs in the summer. That is an illusion that won't last. you are taking a risk for nothing. Likewise for student athelets, you have to understand that facts that very few people get to play professional football. The ones that do are already huge from birth or highly skilled. Professional coaches have seen enough players to know who is using steroids and how strong that person will likely be when they evently have to come off it. They take that into consideration.

My friends, the reason I told you all this is so you will know the facts however bad or good they are. It is true that I have seen thousands of people in guys over the years take steroids and I have not heard of one person that had a medical problem. Two where friends who now have families, one a cop the other a pharmasist. The point is... there is no point!!! You will not accomplish anything. You will just spends hundreds of dollers for nothing that will never get you anywhere. What every you gain will be lost when you stop.

I have not addressed the credibility of your source. You may get the real stuff, you may get a bottle of p1ss-water to inject into leg or a$$. Brad Pitt , sylvester stalone, orlando bloom, do not have that problem. They have doctors get the very best for them.

I lift weights for fun, I always have and I enjoy it. Now I also practice Longswrd for fun. I'm not planing on going to the olympics and I'm not gona be a movie star, but life is good.
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