Kitama, OHW,

Why don't you gentleman put Bu Doc on track. He seems very sincere and was seeking answers. This way you can make the Forum the way it use to be.


I'd like to take a moment here to try and clear up a few things. Peter, if by your post above which I have quoted, you imply that my reply to this topic will somehow cheapen the overall value of the board, then I apologize for the following.

When I read the first post of the thread from Peter, I was suitably impressed. I share the same type of sentiment as oldman, in that I would at times like my training to be more than what it is or seems. The description you provide of the art you practice shows your dedication and knowledge of martial art, which I admire because my road is only begining.

However, I am an incredibly skeptical person. I'm the type who will never believe that a light touch pressure point series will knock me out unless it's done to me 10 times on 10 different days. So, when I see that a knowledegable practicioner has made previous claims of large proportions, my BS sniffer starts ringing. I'm all for good natured hogwashing, and as some of you have seen, I will on occasion post on a topic with the sole aim of comedic relief i.e. oldman's hoodat warmup- (who was the photoshopped gal with morgan freeman??).

If in fact, the posts you have made before referencing your amazing ability to deny your body's automatic fight or flight response are in farce, then I offer my sincere apolgies for the confusion. On the other hand, if you truely believe that you are the one and true great american ninja with veins of ice, then I will continue my skepticm and disbelief.