Hi Bu Doc,

I will describe my style to you. Actually it is not my style, the name is based on the way I teach the art. My linage is Shobayashy Ryu as taught by Shimabuku Eizo and Hohan Soken. The name represents the following. I use the Chinese terminology and my stamps also use old style chinese charactors. Shorin-Shalin, Ko-old, Ryu-style, Karate-China hand, Jutsu-Combat. The art is very Shorin, short upright stances, evasion, small fluid moves, ect. I try and follow the "old ways" of teaching. I teach privatly only 1 or 2 student at a time. I grade using a white belt Mudansha and Black belt Yudansha. I have 5 teaching titles beyound that. The system focuses on the combat aspects of the Kata. There is no free sparring, instead we do 2 man Bunkia Kumite. Everything comes from the Kata. Large focus on Bunkia, body dynamics, timing, vital point striking and balance. The katas I teach are Sanchin, 5 Pinans, Niahanchi, Wansu, Seisan, Chinto, Seiunchin, as taught by Shimabuku Eizo, and Hakutsuru as taught by Hohen Soken. I use the term Jutsu instead of do to represent combat. I teach strictly Life preservation Karate. Although I do not use the term "Do" I asume it is obvious that it exists reguardless if used or not. Most of my students are Yudansha in rank and study Okinawan karate. They usually come to me to learn Bunkia. That's about it. If there is anything I can ever help with just ask. I only have my opinions, but I'm also open to all suggestions. Excuse any miss spelling. I typed this at work off the Top of my head. Take care.