General Choi writes in his book that having one man or country lay claim to inventing martial arts techniques is like having one man or country lay claim to inventing the wheel or discovering fire. General Choi had a martial arts background and was, after a performance of mostly Chung Do Kwan practitioners at a military demonstration for the Korean president given the task of training the troops. At the time there were only 28 divisions in the army. He formed the 29th and used it to assemble top martial arts talent forming the Oh Do Kwan, Gym of my way, or the gym for all of us, so any Kwan member could participate and not feel as though they joined a rival. General Choi realized that just as others had done before him (Funakoshi, Kano etc.), teaching on a large scale required a unified system,.Using the assembled talent he formulated the system and in order to further unify and solidify the art came up with a name for that system Originaly Tae Kwon Do to ease pronunciation, later Taekwon-Do to show the unity of the physical aspects linked to the "DO".