1945, Korean Kong soo do federation, 1955 banner name Tae kwon do is coined by general Choi. Tae "to kick or strike with the foot" kwon "to punch or strike with the foot" do "art or way" roughly translated "the art of kicking and punching", or "the way of foot and fist", among other ways. It was general Choi's vision to unite the many Korean Kwans (styles) under the banner name Tae kwon do, (also with Japanese Shotokan Karate-do). It was not until after south Korea became a democracy, that the law suits began, originally many schools kept the original names of their kwans. However the name TKD was being used to describe anything form Tang soo do to subak, purely for publicity reasons. After a while TKD had developed into it's own unique martial art, with its own patterns, sparring types, self defense, and applications. The WTF and ITF were founded, and time went on. Tang soo do and Taekwondo remained sepreate.

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