I'ved been holding off, but the truth is I CREATED TAEKWONDO, yep I said it, it was me. I TEK created TKD. It's a cross between karate and an Ancient Mayan game. The mayans used to bunt a ball around in a court yard using their ligs,knees and feet and chest. You could not used your hands. The object was to get the ball into a ring loop, it was almost as if playing basketball, by the way I created that too, based off this sport.

Many of you can see the influence, as I said in this ancient mayan game, you could not use your hands, which explains much of the low if any gaurd being used durring TKD sparring. The game was played using the legs,m which explains the many kicks in the TKD arsenal, and as I said he chest was allowed, so you could bump the ball of the chest which helps when passing it to friends, similar to soccer. This can be seen in TKD sparring when the opponents get within close range and they do all that chest bumping. Although the game was played for life and death. The loser losing their lives, perferably their heads, and the winner recieving nothing.

I aded the pretty V-neck uniforms later on, and I basically wanted to keep the sport full contact, so I added some light sparring gear, cuz I'm not compassionateless you know.

OKay so now you all know, TKD is a blend of karate (not saying which one) and an ancient mayan sport, which looks very similar to subak, but those korean guys totally copied us, cuz we trying to set up an international league, and some folks got ahold of the rule book and totally jacked us. but oh well, i hear they didn;t get it completely cuz it was banend or something.

I know people wil read this because I posted it, I bet some of you wil get pissy with me and ask me for proof of this. But I tell you, its all true.

"Poor is the pupil who
does not surpass his
master" - Leonardo Da