regarding the hwoarang...

perhaps back in the days, the flower thing was not associated with gay imagery... different times, different culture.

i'm korean and i always considered the hwoarang as a school of thought for young males which was to breed nationalism/patriotism in times of war...

tho some textbooks for school children might over play their martial role, their influence in the unification of kroea back in the 3 kingsdom days cannot be ignored.

one of the most famous general (kim yu shin) was a hwoarang
in his youth. he was a silla general and contributed greatly in the unification.

their is also a famous tale of a hwoarang youth doing almost a suicidal charge against the baekje army, was captured, released (due to his young age) and charged again then to be killed. apparently this sacrifice gave inspiration/motivation/courage and silla army won that battle.

i sensed a bias against the history of hwoarang so i felt i needed to add some things. tho i grew up in korea until in the early 1980's (prime target age and time for propaganda), i personnaly was unaware of the hwoarang martials > samurai image.

i can tell you about other crap that i heard against communists (north korea, USSR, china) and vs japan tho... now i know better

hopefully, the current education system is less biased...