I don't know...my feeling on young black belts has always been that I can pick them up and toss them halfway across the room one handed...as such, they're not really proficient martial artists because they can't defend themselves against a stronger attacker. I just feel that you have to reach a certain crossroads of physical and mental maturity before you should be able to test for a black belt.

I think the question you should ask is "how much does testing cost at your school?" If it's 10 bucks a shot...then he's probably just promoting young black belts. If it's a few hundred a test then I would say it's a "mcdojo" and they're just trying to cash in.

most koreans get their black belts at a young age, that is why you see many 5th Dan's in their 30's. Of course they are at a disadvantage size wise, but its not all about street defence. Some people actually practive it as a sport.