Ai-uchi, if you had understood my post you would have realized that I spoke about using enough force to first overcome gravity and then using the "fall" to assist in power generation. Karate is about using muscles, not over using and realizing that it is not an activity purely based on althletic ability. Martial science is different from sports science, unless your karate is simply a sport and nothing else. The key is using just enough energy to accomplish a goal. Believe me after playing college football, bench pressing 405, squating 525, and running in the 4.6s - 4.7s at 230 pounds I understand about high level athletics.

sir how is martial science dierent from sport science - it uses movement of centre of gravity which i can explain. it's stance depending upon stance are devloped using science i.e. zenkutsudachi covers a large rectangular area btween the feet, which is why it is stable.

itwe did not use science we would still be doing bunny hops as a warm up

and regards competing at high level i know something about it as well as icompetd at european level for n.ireland in WKF, and is karate a sport - most assuredly but it is also an art, a way of life etc
streakers - your end is in sight