In the style/philosophy of karate you practice, are these wasted or necessary movements in kata...

(I started to use English technique names, but since this is a karate forum now...ha... Nihongo hanashimasho ka!)

  • 1. Bringing closed fist up to shoulder before doing a gedan uke (or gedan barai).

  • 2. Head snap to first look in the direction you are going to move next.

  • 3. back leg is straightened in zenkutsu dachi.

  • 4. open hand with thumb bent in.

  • 5. open hand with fingers straight and together.

  • 6. lift back heel slightly when punching.

  • 7. full turn of fist to horizontal when punching.

  • 8. guard hand is palm up during open hand strikes.

  • 9. crossing arms at midbody during blocks.

  • 10. knifehand strikes starting at the head or from behind the head.

  • 11. long and low zenkutsu dachi.

I look forward for your feedback.