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This is important for all of us to be aware of...but especially those who have their own web sites.

when you build a web site or write a post here that either references material, or provides copies of material, you need to be aware of the possible consequences and ramifications. There are different levels of consideration ranging from moral correctness to outright illegal action.

here are some ways to avoid possibly infringing author's rights which all of us need to take note:

scenario 1: you do a google search for a kata, find a website which has an mpeg, find the address of the mpeg itself and post the link in a forum.
possible problem: maybe the author of the clip was intending for people to navigate his/her site and present the clip in a certain context with a write-up explanation etc... by providing a direct link to the vid, you are (possibly) denying the authors intent of which context to present their material.
solution: if you wish to reference someone's video or any material, provide the domain address of the web site and perhaps provide the page address or give intructions on how to navigate to the vid of interest.

scenerio 2: You snag a piece of text off a web page and paste it into a forum post or put it up on your own web the very least, reference the quote - if it's substantial, ask permission.
possible problem caused: again, a google for this information will come up with your site...maybe the author didn't want that or the info is out of context...or maybe they wouldn't care...who knows, it's better to check.

scenario 3: a website requires a 'registration' before downloading material, this is used for a number of reasons of which will be mentioned at the time of registration. you may or may not have to pay for material, but it doesn't matter - it's almost always intended for single personal use. which means after you download it on your hard-drive...don't upload it back on the internet. you can print it for your own consumption and reference, but not make multiple copies and pass them out in the dojo. you probably won't get caught, but it's morally wrong. however, redistributing in electronic form is just as much a moral injustice, but larger in scope of a problem for the author... depending on circumstances, it may be determined your intention is to profit directly or indirectly and that is downright illegal.

If they (the e-material owners) are reasonable, they will see that you are not charging or making profit from these files...however, it can be argued that you ARE indeed profiting if you have any kind of sponsership (ie Ads on your site).

Most owners of material would ask you to remove it.
Some owners wouldn't say a word to you and let you leave it up there...then on one shiny spring day, you get a letter to appear in court...

Here's what I didn't know until earlier thread someone was having trouble getting a free pdf article...I helped them to get it by providing a link to a COPY of the document. I thought it's no prob, I didn't change the contents, and I'm not making money. wrong. it WAS a problem. The author kindly asked me to remove the link, so I did....then he told me to do 50 push-ups and maintain shiko-dachi for 30minutes and he'd forget the whole thing...kidding...he/his wife were nice about it. He explained some things to me which led me to find out more...this is what happens when you innocently make a copy of material and put it back up on a different site:
By providing an alternate copy of the article from another site, people doing google searches would find it and download it, bypassing the author's site and removing the article from the context in which it was intended. what was happening was some people illegally distributed the article in mass quantity...since they were bypassing the intended site, they were bypassing the sponsers...therby denying the author the only means of compensation and/or site visitation for a given free article.
bottom line: It's not fair to the author.

I didn't know that, but I do now
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