Additional advice:

  • Do not ask which Martial Art is the "best." There is no best art, it all depends on the instructor, student, and training methods.
  • Before asking if "this school if ok" or "what art schould I take," do some research of your own. Look through the yellow pages and find out what is in your area. Call or stop by to get information on that specific school; observe or participate in a trail class; compare with others around and see what you like. Be wary of long-term contracts that you can't get out of.
  • Once you have done those things and still have questions or problems, then make a post on here to get help.
  • There is no "too old" or "too young" or any specific age you should or should not start martial arts. The best time to start is NOW!
  • If your question starts with: "What is..."
    Then start here and enter the subject of your question:

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